Rocket Languages Review

Rocket Languages Review – Learn Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian

Learning a language is the most craziest and interesting thing in this world. Other languages have also the scope and people are interested to learn these languages such as Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, etc. To learn any language, you need to join a training session.

In your country, you can learn possibly 2,3 languages. The physical workshops will train you with their own courses. You cannot manage the workshop times. Many more problems can occur and you won’t learn any language.

But can you learn any language at home? Yes, of course, it is possible and a very easy way to learn so many languages through online sessions. But how it is possible and what is the platform to do it.

Don’t worry and just relax your mind because there are so many platforms that provide the opportunity to learn your dream language without extra effort. Today, we are going to discuss the brilliant application that provides the right way to learn any language with a wonderful and real accent.

After so many researches and experience, we found an efficient application “Rocket Languages Application” that may solve your learning language problems in a better way. The “Rocket Languages Review” is a trending topic, so let’s get started and discuss it deeply.

What are Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages is a famous application that provides the opportunity to learn languages without any problem. It is a web-based application. This software program is the solution to all learning languages problems.

The interface is really amazing with the Rocket Languages app and it runs smoothly on your device.

This application system provides you almost 14+ languages in which include English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, Korean, Arabic, French, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, etc.

The complete set of all these languages comes within this single application. You can learn your most favorite language with a real accent Hence, after some days, it enables you to speak your favorite language fluently.

You just need to follow the app instructions and complete all the tasks mentioned in this program. Also, you have to focus on all the content and practice it in your free time. It is not a difficult task to learn your favorite language through the most efficient app.

You just need to select any language from the list and take an interest deeply. This application comes with beneficial content that makes it a unique platform to achieve your goals.

Creator of Rocket Languages application

Jason Oxenham and Mark Ling have designed the Rocket Languages app in 2005. Jason Oxenham struggled more to learn the French language and then he decided to launch a platform that benefits everyone.

Jason Oxenham and his friend Mark Ling introduced this app to learn more than 14 languages without any problem. They added effective ways in language learning courses with all profitable resources.

At first, the app was contained in just 1 language and after some time the creators updated it with many other languages. All beneficial methods to learn languages are added to this application course.

The learners can enjoy its content without any risk. Because it provides huge and unique content that may improve your learning skills.

After learning your favorite language from Rocket Languages, you can speak that language fluently and will be able to speak it with full confidence. It relaxes your mind and provides several ways to learn any language step-by-step.

How does Rocket Languages application work?

Rocket Languages application is based on web application and also available on smartphones as an android app. So, you can learn any language by selecting that language and following the course.

For example, if you want to learn Spanish, then you have to select the option of Spanish and the related course will appear on your device’s screen.

This app works very hard to provides you the exact content and methods of learning that you want. Thus, you can use it any time and open the course to follow its instructions. It simply runs on any device through an internet connection and provides effective learning ways.

It comes with advanced learning resources which may provide easy methods to learn your favorite language. After learning any language properly, you should apply in gobs to that country. Thus, it will benefit you to fulfill your dreams.

The structure of the Rocket Languages program is very simple but unique that enables you to get advanced learning skills. The online workshops will give you the chance to learn languages with confidence. It is the part of this course that enables you to learn your favorite language at home.

What is inside the Rocket Languages app?

The Rocket Languages app is a complete program that contains audio lessons, video tutorials, a complete course that is available as PDF, language exercises such as games, etc.

All the content of this application provides you wonderful results within few days. It just requires few minutes from your daily routine and you can learn any language well.

The audio session comes with easy resources in which include all the words related to language. As the conversational method is the most effective way to learning any language.

So, this app provides a chance to start a conversation with professionals. There is available a chat box in which you will start a conversation. You will surprise with a quick response and the fast reply will enhance your passion.

The main context of Rocket Languages is practice, and this is the perfect way to practice any language after other sessions.

As the app provides access to learn more than 14 languages, the content and lesson structure is based on every language. So, all the languages have their unique course with some lessons. The content of this fantastic app is basically divided into three levels. These are as follows:

  • Interactive Audio Lessons
  • Language & Culture Lessons
  • Survival Kit Lessons

Level 1: Interactive Audio Lessons

Every language has its own audio lessons that provide a fantastic way to learn that language. With the audio lessons, you can easily understand the accent, tone, and pronunciation of that language.

For example, you can speak English and use it in your normal life to connect with others. The accents of English are different. Similarly, other languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc, all languages are totally different as spoken.

Their accents are totally different and words also. The audio lesson may improve your pronunciation and speaking way. You can understand the course in a better way.

This level of content contains 29 lessons. Each audio lesson will require just 20 to 30 minutes. The grammar and vocab are described in this level with the exact context and you can easily understand each and everything.

So, this quick crash course is most efficient to learn french. You can get training through this session everywhere. Even if you are traveling and you won’t waste your time, you can use it to learn a language without any problem.

Just use your headphones and start learning each word with translation.

Level 2: Language & Culture Lessons

This level comes after the interactive audio lesson and it provides the whole concept of grammar. Actually, it is a grammar course that teaches to learn any language without grammar mistakes.

So, it is aware of the grammar of any language and provides a way to avoid all the mistakes. Thus, you can speak that language professionally and enhance your skills. This lesson course contains 46 lessons that provide you all the content with detail.

It is based on an actual classroom course that provides you the options to learn quickly. So, you have to complete all the lessons and need to follow the instructions that mat helps you to achieve your goal within a short period of time.

It doesn’t contain audio because this level consists of the textbook that will be available in PDF format. For cultural languages like Arabic, Korean and other languages contain on the translated lessons. So, you can translate those languages to understand them properly.

Level 3: Survival Kit Lessons

At this level, you can learn languages in a very short period of time. This level of lessons contains a short course that provides you an easy way to learn the language and easily travel to that country. At this level, you have several options to choose from and survive easily and quickly in any country.

You will get 10 interactive audio lessons based on the basics of languages. Also, you will learn the grammar, vocabulary, and accent to survive in that country. This level contains mega cards which provide different words and phrases.

All three lessons contain approximately 100 lessons and these combined lessons require just 60 hours. It means that within 60 hours, you will learn any language with an easy and effective method.

Video Tutorials

The Rocket Languages Application also provides videos to understand the words in a better way. It helps you to understand each word quickly. Moreover, it helps you to enhance your writing skills.


Rocket Languages complete program comes with beneficial content and you can afford it easily. Now it comes with bonuses that increase the content in more efficient ways. So, the language lessons were added for more help.

The extra lessons with extra time will be beneficial. 1 bonus survival kit is added in level 1 (Interactive Audio Lessons). 2 bonus survival kits are added in level 2 (Language & Culture Lessons).

3 bonus survival kits in the third level (survival Kit Lessons). Basically, we can say that the third level is completely added as a bonus and it provides the fastest way to learn languages.

Is Rocket Languages Legit or Scam?

This fantastic learning language is available with beneficial content that is divided into three levels. So, it depends on you to select any language and level for learning it at home. You will learn languages with a professional course and it will benefit you. Rocket Languages is a legit platform that claims to teach you the basics of international languages. After so much researches, we found positive results and people responses. In Rocket languages Review, I added the points of my own experience with this amazing app. So, all the rumors about this course are fake and we denied them. Because it is a 100% beneficial and useful application.

The Pros and Cons of Rocket languages:


  • You can use this application on your laptop or smartphone through Wi-Fi.
  • The app is downloadable and you can download it with just one click.
  • The interface of the Rocket languages app is user-friendly and it helps the app to run smoothly.
  • It can be automatically updated after the new version.
  • The creators included advanced levels of learning languages.
  • The courses of 14 languages are available separately in this app.
  • The whole content of the app is really beneficial for all the users.
  • It is specially designed for beginners, so they can learn each language step-by-step.
  • All the words are also available with translation in your actual language, so you can easily understand the words.
  • Three levels contain several lessons that come with grammar, vocab, and pronunciation.
  • The money-back guarantee attracts people and also provides customer support.
  • Three levels of learning language are also available separately, so you can select any one and buy it for learning.
  • Several methods are included in this app to learn your favorite languages without any issue.


  • Rocket languages program’sall content requires internet connection.
  • It requires a lot of time and interest to become professional in speaking other languages.


1. What is the price of the Rocket languages app?

This application’s content is divided into three levels and each level is available at a separate price. The price is $149.95 to $449.85.

2. Which techniques are used in Rocket languages?

This learning language application comes with professionals guidelines to learn a language. There are included three different levels to learn your favorite language with your own style.

So, you can choose your suitable technique and become a master in it. Video recognition and learning support are the most efficient techniques of Rocket languages. 

3. Are Rocket languages the app is useful for everyone?

Yes, this application is suitable and useful for everyone. Beginners can also use it to learn languages without any issue.


Rocket languages app provides a quick and useful way to learn languages at home. This application comes with a lot of benefits that improve your knowledge and learning skills. Also, it helps you to survive in any country and live happily.

This app enhances your confidence and provides a quick way to learn the languages well. So, you can understand the grammar, vocab, and translation of words, sentences, etc. All the helpful content makes this application more efficient, fantastic, and popular in the entire world.

You can learn it deeply in “Rocket Languages Review” because it is described honestly. The true facts and techniques about learning languages are discussed. The rare guide and conversational method impress the people.